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Mobile devices offer major security gains

feature mobile home automation

Integrated security solutions let homeowners control alarms, watch their property through their cameras, respond to the intercom and manage any electronic locks through a common platform. This lets you maximize the value of your security system by getting technologies out of isolation and letting them work together. However, there are still some limitations. In particular, you still have to get to a control panel if you want to use the solutions. This is changing, however, as smartphone and tablet use are revolutionizing the home security industry and giving consumers access to technology that may seem like it comes out of a science fiction movie.

To understand the full benefits of mobile device use in security systems, consider a hypothetical deployment model:

Mobile security use scenario
Imagine you live in a fairly urban suburb. You’re definitely not in the city, but the neighborhood is fairly close to the edge of city limits and is definitely part of the metropolitan area. Technically, you’re in a suburb, but you still have all of the risks of a city. There are a few neighborhoods nearby that are not the best, crime from the city easily makes its way out into your town, but, overall, it’s a nice place to live. But you understand the risks of having a nice home so close to an urban area and know that there’s a good chance you become a target for criminals. You don’t want an ostentatious security solution because that may make you a target for career burglars and, in your economic bracket, you probably aren’t a natural choice unless you make it look like you are trying to protect something. At the same time, you want your kids to be safe and need a good security solution.

To begin, you find a good locksmith and learn that a few network cameras, a lock with a dead-bolt and electric opening and closing capabilities and a simple alarm system isn’t too expensive. On top of that, you realize that good video intercom is a great idea since you already have the camera and the solution will let your kids see who is at the door before they open it. You’re all set to have the system installed, but you’re probably a little worried about dealing with that technology. With mobile device solutions, that concern isn’t necessary.

With a smartphone or tablet, you can use a simple security application to control every aspect of your security system. Your solution provider should be able to help you find the right solution, but in the end you should be able to open the app and immediately get to what you need. If you use a central tablet as the control system for the security system, you can leave that tablet on the coffee table and, when somebody comes to the door when you’re not home, your teenage child can use the tablet to talk through the intercom and see video of the person at the door, protecting your family from harm and giving them the ability to stay out of harm’s way.

If you are away from home and realize you left the dead-bolt unlocked, grab your smartphone and lock it. You don’t have to worry nearly as much about your home when you have a mobile-enabled security system because you can check on it whenever you need to. Mobile functionality may not be a necessity, but it can take the core value of an integrated security system and increase it exponentially by letting you have even more control over your home.

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