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Mobile devices changing home security

Smart homes are no longer science fiction. Instead, intelligent building architectures are gaining prominence across the residential sector, giving consumers the ability to control almost every aspect of their home using mobile devices and similar solutions. This movement has considerable security implications and, as such, is also revolutionizing the home security sector, SiliconValley.com reported.

Considering the interplay of home security and automation systems
The news source explained that smartphones and tablets can give homeowners the ability to lock doors, adjust cameras, receive text message alerts and take advantage of other key security features when they are attached to security systems. The technology can also be used to control curtains, blinds, lights, temperature control systems, appliances and entertainment platforms. This functionality may seem somewhat trivial, but it can have a major impact on protecting your home, possibly even as great an effect as other security systems.

For example, imagine that you are going on vacation for a week during the holidays, a time when burglars frequently look for homes that are left unattended. You can use light timers and solutions of that nature to make your home appear active, but thieves can generally see past these systems, especially if the house clearly seems empty and the timings seem too predictable. With home automation systems, you can use your smartphone to open and close blinds, turn on your TV, adjust lights more flexibly and do other things that make it seem like the home is occupied. While such functionality was not impossible in the past, it is much more accessible with the rise of mobile devices.

Michael Tchong, founder of Social Revolution, told SiliconValley.com that home automation technology also has implications on security systems, allowing them to be controlled remotely and providing an added sense of ease.

“You know if you leave the house and you forget to arm the security system, you can use your phone or tablet to click arm or disarm. It will tell you if you left a door open or a window open,” Tchong told the news source.

Making the most of mobile
Deploying an integrated home security solution can be the way to go if you want to maximize the potential gains of home automation technology. In such a solution, everything from cameras to locks and alarms are designed to work well in conjunction with one another, providing the control necessary to take full advantage of home automation.

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