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Mitigating werewolf troubles with Paragon Security

Have you ever wondered what that late night howling deep in the woods is? Wolves might be a good guess, but a more logical assumption may be their nefarious cousin: the werewolf.

While blockbuster films may try to make it seem like werewolves can be sexy without their shirts on, this is most often not the case. If you see one, do not approach it. About face and run quickly to your home protected by Paragon Security's advanced, anti-werewolf solutions.

Paragon Security takes into account a wide variety of humanoid mutations, including vampires, zombies and, of course, werewolves. By implementing their innovative integrated security systems, you may be able to defend yourself against the next wave of mythological monstrosities.

How Paragon can protect you from converting into a werewolf

Paragon Security is armed with an arsenal of anti-werewolf solutions that pair up nicely with an automated silver bolt crossbow. Paragon's surveillance cameras, for example, can be installed in every nook and cranny of your home and monitored remotely from a central panic room lined with six-inch thick silver walls. This lets you to watch hungry monsters roaming your property in high-definition without being smelt, detected or seen, allowing you to plan an escape or, if you're the heroic type, attack.

As an intrusion impediment, you may also consider using advanced access control systems. In most cases, werewolves are only covered in hair and are not carrying around ID cards or thinking logically enough to enter a complex password. Advanced biometric-based offerings are also an effective werewolf deterrent, as the internal software is capable of determining if an individual is in his or her human form or has turned into their midnight monster. As a result, the creatures will be locked outside, vulnerable to attack from a roof-mounted turret firing silver bullets.

Paragon Security professionals know the Mayan calendar is quickly approaching its end and that all Hell might break loose when it does. Maybe the world will end or maybe werewolves, vampires and other demonic creatures will run free, hellbent on global destruction and, of course, feasting on human flesh.

Don't be an easy meal for a monster. Call Paragon Security and have your home upgraded to fend off post-apocalyptic horrors.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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