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Microsoft Considers Turning Kinect Into Security Cam

Microsoft’s Kinect was designed for gaming purposes (to accommodate Microsoft’s popular XBOX gaming console), in which motion tracking technology was used.  However, with the device’s growing popularity, Microsoft is considering additional potential uses.  Some of the options being considered is to utilize the device’s motion tracking and face expression recognition technologies for home security purposes.

According to anonymous sources cited on Game Zone, the company is in early developmental stages for Kinect’s alternative uses.

The device, customarily hooked on the top of TV’s to enable motion-activated gaming, is already ideally-placed in the central area of the living room or family room in most American homes.  It is not yet certain what advantages the Kinect could have over traditional home surveillance, but presumably the device’s motion detection technologies could sense intruders, pivot the camera to follow their motions and constantly record their activities, while simultaneously recording their faces.

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