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Miami International Airport implements new security system

Since airports are large and regularly deal with a heavy amount of traffic, they are often considered one of the most challenging facilities to secure. With the ever-growing threat of terrorism, it is important that airport officials implement a robust set of crime-deterring solutions.

In an effort to avoid costly and dangerous situations, Miami International Airport recently deployed an integrated security system that combines the use of existing surveillance cameras with new devices throughout the facility, according to a report by Security Info Watch.

In addition to installing new surveillance cameras, MIA also implemented a video management platform capable of retaining large volumes of recorded footage and use advanced analytic tools to make the most out of captured film, the news source said.

"The reason for mixing and matching the number of different technologies was two-fold: One was that it would give a layered approach to any target for two reasons; 1) to more effectively track and 2) to help eliminate false positives," said Mark Storek, an expert in physical security, according to Security Info Watch.

Storek said a common concern with security networks is operator fatigue, the news source reported. By using a system that utilizes multiple monitoring stations, however, organizations can have multiple sources identify, observe and track suspicious characters.

A separate report by the United Press International said there were more than 25,000 security breaches at U.S. airports since 2001. Even though this represents only a tiny fraction of all the passengers who have flown since that time, it suggests new technologies and practices may better protect travelers.

By implementing an integrated security program that combines surveillance, access control systems and other solutions, airports may be able to proactively prevent security breaches or minimize the impact of any that do happen.

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