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Meshing old and new key for home protection

There are plenty of ways to protect your house, ranging from quality mechanical locks to home automation systems that enable you to control almost every aspect of your home remotely. With more advanced security solutions becoming available, many consumers are implementing high-tech security systems that incorporate mobile devices, IP cameras and advanced home automation capabilities. According to a recent Gizmodo report, these types of advanced home protection solutions can do a great deal to protect homes, but should not necessarily be used to replace traditional solutions. Instead, homeowners should combine classic security solutions with contemporary ones to maximize home protection.

Why you should align contemporary and traditional security solutions
The news source explained that the recent Consumer Electronic Show was highlighted by a variety of new security solutions that feature advanced technological capabilities that are designed to make home security more advanced and accessible. These technologies provide robust functionality that can seem too good to be true. There’s just one problem – these security platforms are built on IT functionality, which can create some risk.

How will your IP camera work if the network goes down? What happens with your smartphone-enabled lock if your phone breaks? Generally speaking, security solution providers offer workarounds for all of these issues, but there still can be some inconvenience or short periods of problems. Traditional security systems that focus on more physical elements of a home are, therefore, important to complement the advanced capabilities of a home automation system.

According to the report, contemporary security systems are constructed well enoughthat they are unlikely to do any harm, even if they seem too good to be true. At the same time, most advanced security solutions will probably make your home safer by giving you more control over various systems. However, there is little that can replace the solid protection that comes from traditional mechanical locks and similar solutions.

Balancing old and new in your home security system
Taking a holistic approach to home security is key if you want to successfully balance classic solutions with innovative technologies. Advanced mechanical locks, dead bolts and similar tried-and-true solutions can play a powerful role in protecting your home. Working with a vendor that can provide these types of solutions and integrate them with contemporary technologies, like cameras and home automation, can make it much easier to combine the best of traditional and current security technologies to protect your home.

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