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Los Angeles police departments to deploy mobile surveillance cameras

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga and West Valley divisions will soon deploy about 16 mobile surveillance cameras throughout the area’s 66 square miles. The surveillance system will cost roughly $680,000 and will be deployed in roughly 10 weeks, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

LAPD captain Tom Brascia said he couldn’t tell where the cameras were being installed because it may help criminals be aware of their locations. He did say, however, the devices would be installed in the areas where the LAPD believes crime is the highest, the news source noted. The advantage of implementing a mobile surveillance system is that it can be moved, allowing the local law enforcement to adjust their strategies based on criminal activity.

“The crime moves, the cameras move,” West Valley Division co-commander captain Nick Zingo said, according to the Daily News.

While the surveillance cameras will not be monitored at all times, the system is capable of recording footage to help law enforcement catch criminals and use surveillance feeds in a court of law, the news source said. Although it will likely be some time before officers can watch feeds from their patrol cars, the remote monitoring capabilities of surveillance systems are improving everyday.

Surveillance software hosted in the cloud, for example, can offer more advanced remote monitoring potentials. As a result, Video Surveillance-as-a-Service is growing in popularity, according to IMS Research.

“Examples of VSaaS deployments range from integrated security systems incorporating on-site and off-site storage and remote video monitoring by a central station, to the ‘peace of mind’ one to four camera solutions for keeping an eye on loved ones,” IMS Research said.

As surveillance technologies mature, it will be easier for local law enforcement and business owners to protect locations from criminal activity without actually being there.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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