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London surgery organization implements integrated security system

The Royal College of Surgeons in London is implementing access control technologies on its doors as part of an effort to install a next-generation security system. The door-locking mechanism is IP-based, meaning it will also be able to connect with other existing security solutions throughout the complex, according to a Government Security News report.

"By 'piggy-backing' on existing structured cabling we have given the client a 'green' solution and are able to interface with other systems such as fire alarms," security system installer managing director Paul Wilson said, according to the news source. "We've created a system with a hierarchy of access rights for staff members and visitors according to their profile and seniority."

As a result, administrators can distribute clinical and nonclinical ID cards to employees, visitors and other individuals, which will determine their level of access to secure areas throughout the buildings, GSN reported. Similar integrated security systems are being installed around the world.

A separate report by identity solutions provider HID Global noted the increasing demand for collaborative security solutions is a major driver for the expanding access control system market. Today, more organizations want a single ID card that can be used for multiple security programs.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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