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Locksmiths 101 – Finding a locksmith you can trust

Fraudulent locksmiths are a major threat to your home's security and your bank account. They are especially problematic in large urban areas, like New York City, where a disreputable businesses can hide in the anonymity of a dense population. There are a few ways to spot a locksmith you shouldn't trust.

One of the first things to do is look at the pricing model. Don't trust a locksmith that can't tell you, clearly and simply, how much a project will cost. Hiding fees is a favorite pastime for fraudulent locksmiths, and you can often pick out a service provider to avoid based on a poor cost setup or unclear estimate.

Reading reviews from multiple sites.  You can't trust the internet, not when it comes to choosing a company that will help you protect your house. Any company can pay just about anybody to make them sound good on a review site. However, few companies can manufacture a good enough web presence across multiple review sites and specialty reference pages. If you want to find a locksmith you can trust, check a diverse range of web locations and look for variety, not just an organization that has five or six five-star reviews and little else.

Finding a locksmith you can trust is imperative to protecting your home, and some good research can go a long way toward getting you there.

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