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Locked Out Stories Of NYC

locked out stories NYC

My neighbor locked herself out of the house, and her family was on a vacation. She knocked on my door looking for help. I found Paragon Security & Locksmith on Citysearch and called them. 25 minutes later, Roy their technician arrived and opened the door in just a few minutes… (citisearch)

I got locked out of my apartment coming back from school. I found a locksmith business card at the building’s lobby so I called the number. Funny how you always find these things to be a nuisance until you need one. I called the 24 hr Emergency Locksmith number and the technician came right away and opened my door in a few minutes. The price was reasonable and response very quick!

Locked out late at night. No fun. Called my local locksmith. They were able to get me back into my place pretty quickly. and without any damage to my old lock! (citisearch)

 As a resident of New York City, I’ve heard horror stories about locksmith. Then one night I suddenly found myself locked late at night. I called a 24 hour Locksmith named Paragon to get my car door unlocked. It was a good call! Fair pricing and they were in and out..I would recommend! (yelp)

I got locked out of my apartment at 4pm on New Year’s Eve! Un-showered! In my pajamas (+ coat)! Frantic, I ran over to Paragon and they were thankfully still open & able to help me out no problem. I walked back to my building where I was met by Tal, who opened my lock in literally under 5 minutes. No need to break the lock, no damage at all. It was seriously amazing.

Getting locked out of your home on NYE certainly is not an ideal situation by any stretch of the imagination, but I probably had the best experience anyone could’ve hoped for given the circumstances.

 -Shirah | Manhattan NY (yelp)

I have wanted to learn three skills since the time I was three — magic, locks and photography. But having now aged ten times over, I have little if any progress to report on all but one. I thus found myself in the position of having to pay for my shortcoming last weekend, when I injudiciously locked myself out of my apartment, with no one else to blame for the act but my jetlag and being out of touch with apartment living, both as a result of my recent travels.

Unfortunately for me, our multi-talented building super, who could reputably break in with some effort, was off at Sunday mass. I contacted a locksmith in Tribeca, who told me to sit tight and a dispatcher would call me in 30 minutes.

As I waited for the call, my attempts at using a credit card to unlock the door proved futile, although they showed promise from time to time. The dispatcher called as promised and a young locksmith arrived. He had to drill a hole in the cylinder to break the lock. The next time this happens, I will hopefully have learned to break in by myself.

-Srini | Manhattan NY (yelp)

Saved from a cold night! There is nothing worse than being locked out of your apartment . I had a long day of work get to the door and no keys. So I checked the same pocket 25 times and realized I lost my keys. I called Paragon and they were out faster than Dominos Pizza. The guy, I forget his name was very friendly and opened the apartment in a Jiffy.

-Christopher | Manhattan NY (yelp)

I lost my bag with my wallet and keys in it. The hour was late and I didn’t really know what to do. I found a card stuck to my mailbox. I called and after a very short time a technician came and opened the door for me. Since I have some experience in the matter I was afraid that he was going to drill my lock and then charge some ridiculous price for installing a new one. But that was not the case.

The technician that arrived at my apartment tried to open without drilling first and succeeded doing so. Eventually I ended up only paying for the lockout service and emergency fee which was less than a quarter of what I would have ended up paying if he had drilled the lock. I was so happy that I left the technician a large tip. Fairness is priceless.

-Rachel | Manhattan (citisearch)

Broken front door key issue – My key got stuck in the front door lock and when I tried to force it out I broke it. the Paragon technician that rushed to the scene drilled the old lock out and managed to replace the old cylinder with a new one and match it to my spare so the rest of the tenants in my building don’t have to get new keys. Great job paragon, very professional and fast service.

-Yoni (citisearch)

There is nothing more annoying than getting back home after a night at the pub and realizing you don’t have your keys with you. The doorman gave me the number for Paragon security and locksmith 24/7 emergency service. 20 minutes later I was in bad. Good night and cheers!

-Anthony (citisearch)

Last weekend one of my tenants broke her key while trying to open the buildings front door. The super called me and said he had to keep the back exit open in order for people to have access to the building. I called the guy who handles my building’s doors and such and he was nowhere to be found. Rather disappointing I have to say. A friend suggested I’d call Paragon security since they provide 24 hour services. 20 minutes later the problem was resolved. The technician even rekeyed the new cylinder he had to install to match the existing keys so I don’t have to get new keys for all of my tenants. Something is telling me that I’ll be switching over to work with Paragon from now on.

-Olivia (citisearch)

My mom got herself locked in her apartment. While trying to get her out I managed to break the key inside the keyhole so I couldn’t open the apartment from the outside. I called paragon and soon after a technician came over and drilled out the old cylinder. He recommended replacing it with a Mul-t-lock. And so we did. We were very pleased with how fast the technician made it to my mom’s apartment and he was very good at explaining our options to us prior to starting the job. Once we agreed on an option and a price he started working and in less than 20 minutes my mom was out again and a new cylinder was installed.

-Chris (citisearch)


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