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Learning from Hurricane Sandy – three key security lessons

Hurricane Sandy is among the worst storms to hit New York City. Many areas in the greater NYC area are still trying to recover from the disaster and parts of the city were left without power and other utility systems for quite some time. This kind of event can make homes extremely vulnerable. Now that a few months have passed, there are many things that can be learned from the hurricane.

Be ready for an extended power outage
How long can the batteries in your security system last before they run out and the system will not work any longer? How do you reset the system in the event that it fails in an emergency and you have to put a new battery in? How much can you do with your system without direct help from the security provider? When major storms like Hurricane Sandy hit, residents can be left without power for days. At the same time, security service vendors may not be available during this time because the company is dealing with its own problems in terms of keeping operations going.  Major storms are often an asset to burglars because they know there is a good chance that security systems will fail in at least a few homes and they will have an opportunity to get past advanced alarm solutions without any trouble.

Maintain your residence effectively
Hurricanes and similar storms can break windows, damage walls and otherwise weaken a property. When this happens, you are inevitably left more vulnerable because a burglar can take advantage of the damage to create an alternate entry point into your home. Being responsive to any damages is vital to preventing break-ins because a rapid repair can ensure that criminals do not have an opportunity to break into your home.

Having a camera system in place can help in this area. If winds are heavy and debris are thrown around, a branch can easily break a door or window and leave your home vulnerable. A good IP camera solution can recognize the breach and alert you, allowing you to perform repairs as quickly as possible and protect your home. Rapid repairs can be key to helping you safeguard your home during a disaster event.

Have a locksmith on speed-dial
You don't actually have to have a locksmith on speed-dial, but it can be good to have the number of a reputable locksmith on hand when expecting a major disaster. Locks can be fairly vulnerable to damages created by heavy winds, sea spray and extreme temperatures. When locks break, you can kept out of your home and left in a difficult position from a security perspective. This kind of emergency can make almost anybody feel extremely vulnerable and exposed, especially if you are locked out at a bad time. Knowing a reputable locksmith can be an incredible source of security. It is not only vital from a data protection standpoint, it is also key because it can protect you from unexpected costs.

Many locksmiths will use complex pricing models filled with hidden costs to catch customers off guard and bring home a bigger fee. Developing a working relationship with a trustworthy locksmith can protect you from unexpected costs and put you in a position to not only feel safe, but also avoid being taken advantage of.

Storms like Hurricane Sandy are a clear example of how quickly security can be disrupted. However, having a good plan in place to protect yourself, your home and your possessions can go a long way toward helping you get through such an event.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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