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Larceny plot caught on camera in Florida

A well-planned theft was recently caught on tape at a Sam's Club in Sanford, Florida. Amidst a crowd of shoppers going about their daily business, a man and a woman aimlessly drove through the store's parking lot in a white Buick looking for potential targets, according to a report by Click Orlando.

Carol and Chuck Ianuzzi were bringing groceries out to their car when the two thieves tried to steal Carol's purse, which was sitting on the driver's seat. While the Ianuzzis were unloading their purchases into the back of their van, the man driving the Buick dropped off his accomplice in the next lane and then drove over to the Ianuzzis and asked for directions, the news source said.

"We didn't notice [them]," Carol Ianuzzi said, according to Click Orlando. "We were so busy doing our own thing, we weren't paying attention to what he was doing."

Little did the Ianuzzis know that the woman was stealthily creeping up to their car to steal the distracted woman's purse, Click Orlando noted. After asking the same questions several times, the man suddenly drove off when he noticed his accomplice had successfully stolen the purse out of the car's front seat.

"It never used to be like this. Now, I don't know, it seems like you can't trust anyone anymore," Carol Iannuzzi told Click Orlando. "You just have to be a little more aware of your surroundings. You have to be almost a little suspicious."

By using the footage captured by the surveillance cameras, local authorities were able to track down the white Buick and apprehend the male suspect, charging him with burglary and larceny, the news source reported. He also identified his accomplice and both individuals have criminal backgrounds.

According to the FBI, larceny was the one of the most common crimes in Sanford in 2010, with more than 2,200 reported incidents happening throughout the year. There were also more than 870 cases of burglary reported to the agency. By installing video surveillance cameras, businesses may be able to capture similar occurrences on tape more frequently, helping local law enforcement identify, locate and apprehend criminals more efficiently.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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