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LA subway stations to improve security

Los Angeles subway stations are planning to implement a more robust access control system to prevent residents from riding the rail system without paying for tickets. While the Metropolitan Transit Authority traditionally relied on the honor system, officials believe it is no longer applicable, according to the Associated Press.

MTA officials estimate the organization has lost approximately $4 million annually because of people not buying tickets for the red and purple subway lines, the AP noted. Violators have used a variety of excuses, including everything from not having enough change to buy a pass to finding the purchasing process inconvenient when trying to catch a train.

“The honor system hasn’t worked,” county supervisor and MTA board member Zev Yaroslavsky said, according to the news provider. “Some people were [cheating the system] maliciously, some people just thoughtlessly.”

The new ticket system will require riders to purchase a unique card to open gates that lead to subway platforms. The stations will be monitored with video surveillance cameras and allow Metro staff members to speak with officials in the area using intercom systems, the AP reported.

“We’ve jumped a few evolutionary steps,” Metro chief communications officer Matt Raymond said, according to the news source. “We’re going to try to perfect it on the first station. Then once we get it down [we will] move on to more.”

By implementing a more robust access control system, businesses can also experience a number of security benefits. Next-generation technologies often have the ability to determine the time of day and deploy any protective measures associated with that time. For example, security may be more tight late in the evening compared to rush hour.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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