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Know what you’re protecting – commonly stolen items may surprise you

You probably know that it's not a good idea to buy an expensive appliance online and let it sit in a big box on your porch overnight. Similarly, you probably don't put fine jewelry sitting on a windowsill, clearly visible and leave it unattended. Basic security practices are easy to follow when it comes to the things that you know somebody wants to steal. But what items of lesser value do you have to worry about? CNN Money recently published a list of commonly-purloined household items, and the findings might surprise you.

Watch your pregnancy tests closely
According to the news source, pregnancy tests offer a combination of pricing punch and carry-away convenience that many burglars will not ignore. You may not think about locking a pregnancy test in the safe overnight, but like many over-the-counter medical solutions, they are fairly expensive to purchase and relatively easy to resell. As a result, burglars can take advantage of how easy it is to carry a bunch of pregnancy tests and get away with significant profit from a product that you probably wouldn't expect a thief to target.

Keep your laundry room safe
Apparently, Tide is another common target for criminals. Proctor and Gamble, the company that makes the popular laundry detergent, sells the product to stores for a high enough price that burglars can easily undersell the manufacturer and make a major profit. The report said that Tide is not only an incredibly common target for criminals trying to make a quick buck, it is also prominent in the narcotics circle. The detergent is such a hot commodity that drug dealers will sometimes pay for Tide in $10 worth of crack or marijuana or $5 worth of cash.

If you want to protect your home from a desperate criminal, you may want to be discreet about what brand laundry detergent you buy.

Protect your energy drinks
This find is more applicable to convenience store owners and the like, but the news source said that energy drinks are commonly stolen from stores because they fall into the bracket of highly-marketed products. Anything that gets plenty of attention from marketers tends to be highly priced from a supplier perspective. As a result, grocery stores and similar retailers that sell goods that have lots of hype surrounding them will often have to pay heavily to keep inventories high. Generally speaking, energy drinks will cost as much as $3 for a store to purchase. A thief can steal them and sell them for a dollar or two and end up making significant profits quickly.

Keep that piece discreet
Hair pieces, particularly extensions, are designed to be worn with discretion. You may want to store them discreetly too. According to CNN Money, high-end hair extensions made with human hair have become the target of a wave of crimes in many major urban areas in the United States. Many high-quality hairpieces cost up to $1,000 because they use human hair to create a natural fell. While this can be nice for the person using the extension, it also creates opportunity for profits for burglars.

When it comes time to think about protecting your home, there is a great deal to keep in mind. The reality is that many products can become prime targets for burglars, not just your expensive jewelry and electronics. As a result, you may want to think more seriously about holistic security solutions like integrated security systems, surveillance cameras and intercoms to ensure your home is protected in a few ways and not a natural target for thieves. 

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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