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Keeping your home safe during the holidays

As winter quickly approaches, so does the season for giving. This means families around the world will be sending each other gifts and good cheer through the mail, meaning delivery men will be in overdrive.

Unfortunately, this time of year also means homeowners need to be wary of who comes to their door, as criminals will often pretend to be postal workers to gain access to their homes. In other words, people need to ensure their home or apartment security systems are up to date and capable of monitoring the premises when no one is home.

In some cases, criminals walk up to a home and repeatedly ring the doorbell to get the homeowner’s attention, only to barge in the house when the door is finally opened. For this reason, homeowners should consider using an advanced intercom system outside their front door. By using these tools, individuals can safely stand in a room and see who is really out front.

Many of today’s intercom systems have video capabilities, meaning homeowners can ask for identification to check and see if the person has the right credentials, has a parcel under his or her arm or is empty-handed malevolently looking in the window. Individuals should also think about hiring a professional locksmith to change any delicate locks around the house or consult a trusted security systems provider to leverage a silent alarm and round-the-clock monitoring.

Although this time of year is commonly referred to as the season of giving, homeowners should not step aside and let their valuable possessions be stolen, vandalized or misused by criminals looking to take advantage of ignorant consumers.

Inappropriately misquoting Mr. Kringle, tis the season to beef up your Ho-Ho-Home security system.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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