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Intercom Safety For NYC Apartment and Office Buildings

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New Yorkers need to be extra wary of those we give access to our apartment or office building. The majority of time, the intercom is your best friend. It saves you from having to run down to the lobby to let every appointment, delivery person, friend, worker or other visitor in that arrives. Be smart about who you let in and use your intercom as the first line defense against burglars and thieves.

During the busy holiday season, intruders have an increased chance of gaining unauthorized access, putting everyone in the building at risk. In some cases, they may buzz each apartment or office to find out who is home. Or buzz every apartment or office at once hoping for a chance that someone will let them in. Always use the talk and listen feature of your intercom to communicate with each visitor to make sure they are legitimate. Be wary of common excuses they may try to use like claiming to be delivering a package for another tenant who’s not answering or pretending to be a new tenant who’s lost their keys. If you’re expecting someone, don’t assume it’s them when your intercom buzzes.

Report a broken intercom to your landlord immediately. If your intercom doesn’t work, or if you notice that something’s awry with the intercom panel in your building’s lobby, tell your landlord. Remember, an intercom isn’t just a convenience — it’s an important security measure. So, if your buzzer stops working or you have trouble hearing people in your lobby, you should bring this to your landlord’s attention as soon as possible.

If you live or work in NYC and do not currently have an advanced intercom system, now is the time consider installing one.

Many of today’s intercom systems have video capabilities, meaning homeowners can ask for identification to check and see if the person has the right credentials, has a parcel under his or her arm or is empty-handed malevolently looking in the window. Individuals should also think about hiring a professional locksmith to change any delicate locks around the house or consult a trusted security systems provider to leverage a silent alarm and round-the-clock monitoring.

Although this time of year is commonly referred to as the season of giving, home and business owners should not step aside and let their valuable possessions be stolen, vandalized or misused by criminals looking to take advantage of the holiday goodwill.

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Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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