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IP-based solutions transforming security landscape

Security systems and other technologies continue to change with the advancement of the internet. As businesses grow and expand throughout the world, it is important that decision-makers leverage innovative and cost-effective security tools that are compliant with standards across the globe, according to a Source Security report.

"Too often solution providers don’t cultivate a global approach to systems and policy integration but today's forward-thinking systems integrators are changing the game," the report said.

IP-based security solutions offer advanced features and capabilities that let users utilize a variety of services that were traditionally unavailable, such as remote and real-time monitoring and access to systems from virtually anywhere. New IP-based video surveillance systems, for example, can also provide higher-quality images, offer long-term savings and deter crime from multiple buildings, the news source noted.

A separate report by IMS Research confirmed the growing presence of IP surveillance systems, as analysts believe 2013 will be the year when IP-based products outperform the market for conventional analog appliances.

Additionally, service providers are recognizing the potential of implementing fully integrated security systems that collaborate and work together with other solutions.

"As physical and IT security continues to converge, more security directors look to transition their security systems onto the IT network to realize an unmatched level of technology coordination," Source Security reported.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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