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Introducing the Future of Keys: Get Keyported!

Introducing the newest innovation in key technology!

In a time when technological devices are decreasing in size, simplifying our lives while slimming our pockets, the answer to streamlining your keychain has arrived.  Keyport Inc. has created a product that revolutionizes how we carry the keys to our lives.

Originally designed with motorcycle owners in mind, Keyport designs have now increased in popularity and are ideal for any individual having more than one key in their posession.

The creators of Keport Inc had these requirements for their design:

• Make it house numerous keys using a one-size-fits-all head
• Make it as small as possible
• Make it durable
• Make it lightweight
• No rattle
• Make it easier to replace keys than with a traditional keychain
• Make it expandable so that other items besides keys could be incorporated

The result is an ingenious product, containing both style and function.  The swiss army knife-like design makes Keyport the first in key storage technology to hit the market.  Available in a variety of colors and custom-made to suit the number of keys and/or accessories desired.


Sold exclusively in New York City at Paragon Security:

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Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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