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Intercoms offer key layer of home protection

Control and knowledge are central to success when establishing a home, office, school or even data center security strategy. IP cameras, integrated security solutions, advanced locks and other technologies all help you gain a greater ability to control who is able to enter a part of a building or property. However, you probably also want to have some idea of who is trying to access a property. While cameras can help with this, their benefits are limited unless you have an application that allows you to watch the camera feed while you look to see who is at the door. This is one area where a simple video intercom can come in handy.

Understanding the benefits of an intercom
In security, knowledge is powerful. If you have an intercom system installed you gain the ability to find out important information about an individual trying to gain entry to a building. A few key advantages of an intercom system include:

Some security solutions are fairly rigid in nature. For example, a solution based on biometric scanners will not let somebody into a room unless they have the right credentials or physically break the door down. This is absolutely necessary for some types of facilities, but homes, schools and similar building have to be accessible to many different people over the course of a day. If you need to accept a package you need a security system that can verify that the person at the door is who he/she says she is. A video intercom gives you the ability to not only look at the individual, but also hold a short conversation to ensure that the story is legitimate.

While criminals can certainly fool you if you aren't careful, a video intercom gives you the ability to avoid any annoying or inconvenient issues associated with protecting a property. Let's face it, if you are installing a security system and you feel a need to be protected, but you don't want to give up simplicity and convenience. Intercoms give you the information and functionality to easily make a good decision about whether or not you want to open the door for somebody.

Most people, especially homeowners, don't want to deal with such a complex security solution that they spend as much time agonizing over whether or not they are using it properly as they do actually taking advantage of its features. A video intercom is extremely accessible, offers fairly simple controls and gives you the ability to tell the difference, for example, between a potential threat and a person who is stopping by your house for a perfectly innocent reason.

Low risk
You can remain perfectly safe with a video intercom. If somebody wants to talk, but the situation is tense, you can hold a conversation over the intercom without having to open the door, even a crack, to interact with somebody at your door. Instead, just use the intercom and you can stay completely safe and still talk with somebody if needed.

Intercom solutions can easily be scaled to meet operational needs in a variety of settings. If you are looking for an intercom to put near your back door, you can get that at a relatively low cost. At the same time, if you want intercoms to use in a school where there are multiple points of entry, the technology still provides simplicity and powerful protection at a reasonable cost.

Intercoms offer many benefits that can be difficult to match through other solutions. Most importantly, they give you the ability to apprise a situation and make a good decision about whether or not somebody should be allowed entry.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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