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Intercoms a vital component of home security systems

Intercom solutions are among the most essential components of any home security platform. Alarms, cameras, locks and other solutions can help you keep your home safe, but having an intercom adds another level of protection that can help keep you free from worry on a day-to-day basis.

It may seem like intercoms are only relevant for multi-family dwellings like apartment buildings, where they are a common sight, but a good intercom can help you identify anybody who is visiting your home. The benefits of an intercom are particularly clear when you consider the danger of actually coming to the door.

Being behind the door can be an incredibly vulnerable position. An attacker who breaks down the door to get in or is there to harm you can easily hurt you while you are behind the door checking on who is knocking. An intercom allows you to check on somebody’s identity from a safe distance and, if you are suspicious, avoid any risk that stems from coming to the door.

With an intercom system, you can also establish a video feed that makes it even more difficult for attackers to get you to open the door for them. This layered protection can be incredibly valuable.

Lock Doors and Locate Threats
If a large package comes that needs to be delivered to a detached garage, you can use the intercom to verify that the shipping company is indeed present, unlock the garage door and watch the workers unload the package through the central control platform. You can then close the garage door, lock it and open the front door to sign paperwork. All of these features are similarly helpful if burglars try to gain entry to your property, as an intercom tied to a home automation or integrated security solution lets you take action to lock doors and locate threats.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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