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Intentional Hit & Run caught on cam

Buena Park, LA, police department released surveillance footage in hopes of catching a hit and run driver. The graphic video raises the likelyhood of the event being an intentional hit.

The video shows two young men crossing the road, when a car seems to change its direction in attempt to hit one of the young man. The 20 year old victim is tossed in the air, while the car revs up and drives away. The young victim’s friend, unharmed, chases the hitting car. The vehicle seems to be a gold colored Mitsubishi Galant with tinted windows.

Despite the intense events the two young men managed to catch a glimpse at the people inside the attacking car. The driver is described as a thin Hispanic male and his front passenger was a Hispanic female with her hair up in a bun. The victim suffered significant but non life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital soon after the event.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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