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Integrated security systems are the new black

In the past, physical security manufacturers often created closed systems so companies and consumers would only buy into their products, giving service providers a potential competitive advantage over rival vendors. This is not really the case anymore, especially as the ongoing economy continues to influence decision-makers to close their wallets.

Instead of closed-shell solutions, open integrated security systems appear to be turning into the norm. This trend was evident at the recent 2012 Essen Security conference, according to a report by Info4Security.

"Forty years ago each system was an island. Today, people want one thing," security expert Stephen Backmann said, according to Info4Security. "Having the IP network infrastructure has allowed us to do integration."

IP is changing everything
One of the biggest reasons integrated security systems were not available in the past was because there was no way to universally connect all components. The proliferation of IP networks changed all that, enabling access control systems, surveillance cameras and other applications to be managed under a single platform, the news source said.

A separate report by Parks Associates revealed the advent of IP is having a significant impact on monitoring, as well, as the web enables customers and companies to observe surveillance footage from virtually anywhere at any time for a lower price than traditional offerings.

"Security companies and service providers understand that widespread availability of broadband Internet connectivity is disrupting their traditional business model," Parks Associates said in the report. "We believe internet-connected security systems will expand the residential security market by providing additional capabilities and benefits to a broader range of consumers than those who are typical subscribers."

The benefits of IP security systems
While there are many advantages to using an IP-based integrated security system, the scalable qualities of the applications and the ability to add, remove or change solutions is among the most beneficial characteristics.

Additionally, IP solutions give executives the ability to remotely manage and control their solutions, enabling decision-makers to strengthen physical security without substantially driving costs.

Since IP technologies are still developing, the market will likely continue to evolve.

"We will see new things – we don't know what they are yet," security expert Jurgen Alz said, according to Info4Security. "I'm sure we’ll see some great new inventions."

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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