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Integrated security system keeps Florida healthcare facility safe, germ-free

While all organizations have confidential resources that need to be protected, the sensitive nature regarding healthcare facilities and the information and people in their possession and care make it even more important to implement robust security solutions. For this reason, many hospitals and other healthcare-related buildings have advanced access control systems on their premise, limiting an unauthorized user's ability to gain entry to restricted areas and data.

In Maitland, Florida, the Children's Surgery Center is even more secure – and sanitary – than other facilities because of its integrated security system, complete with presence and access control features. By incorporating a next-generation security management program into their phone system, the organization can streamline operations in a safe and cost-effective manner.

"A critical aspect of the construction was the ability to control access to the entrance of the sterile corridors and surgical areas, due to the daily rotation of different doctors and nurses working in the facility," said Phil Medina of KeyCom Telecommunications.

How it works
The system requires staff members and physicians to wear unique ID badges that permit them access to restricted areas when identified by the phone system. Since each ID card is different, the access control system knows which employees are allowed in what departments. As a result, surgeons and anesthesiologists, for example, may be allowed into operating rooms but not permitted access to the accounting office.

"We have lock systems in the center and the [phone platform] has a unique feature that unlocks the doors. This is an essential function of the center, as it safely keeps our young patients and their families in the appropriate areas," said Shirley Mead, director of the Children's Surgery Center. "Controlling patient and staff movement between specific areas also prevents germs from spreading across the hospital to other areas."

A separate report by TechRepublic said integrating advanced surveillance cameras into the system may make the facility even more safe, as it would enable decision-makers to have real-time monitoring capabilities. Surveillance and access control solutions are much more efficient than logbooks, which some people can simply choose not to fill in.

By implementing integrated security systems, healthcare facilities can provide a safer environment for physicians, staff members and patients. The tools will also help keep sensitive information and resources, such as prescription drugs, safe from people that would utilize them for reasons other than their intended use.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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