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Individuals ponder security cameras

Businesses and public sector organizations are the main users of security cameras. However, average citizens feeling threatened can employ the systems themselves. According to Erie, Pennsylvania, news source WICU, victims of frequent break-ins have taken their security needs into their own hands and installed security cameras.

WICU reported that residents of an Erie house that has become a repeated target of robberies decided to install their own camera system. A recent break-in at the house was caught on camera, giving police strong evidence in their pursuit of the intruder.

Local security expert Michael Sullivan told the news source that selecting higher resolution equipment can be important, as it means police have a better image of the perpetrator to work with. A high resolution image could help officers make an arrest or secure a conviction.

According to the Baltimore Sun, police officers are eager to use information from privately-owned cameras. The source reported that residents of Baltimore can now opt into a police program to quickly share their data in the event of a crime. City leaders were eager to expand surveillance coverage. Partnering with businesses and private citizens can help them accomplish that goal with no new construction.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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