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Hotels begin integrating multiple security systems

Hotel security organizations recently presented a number of new solutions at the recent HITEC tradeshow, which is one of the largest hospitality technology conventions in the world. While the direction of future hotel protection is uncertain, manufacturers tend to lean toward integrated security systems that combine multiple applications into a single network.

According to a SecurityInfoWatch report, access control system, video surveillance cameras and locksmith mechanisms are all becoming more familiar in the hospitality environment, as each application brings new advantages to the table.

"We're seeing a technological revolution in hotels," VingCard Elsafe global president Tim Shea said, according to the news source. "In a short period of time, [radio-frequency identification] has become prevalent in four or five star hotels but now it's beginning to move into mid-range hotels."

A separate report by A&S Magazine noted that hotels are increasingly looking for products that can be integrated into existing security systems as a way to reduce management issues, eliminate expenses and improve overall efficiency.

"The integration of hotel room locks to back-office access control and video surveillance systems is becoming a trend," security expert Patrick Lim said, according to A&S Magazine.

In the past, surveillance cameras, backroom access control systems and guest room-locking mechanisms were all on separate networks, requiring employees to carry multiple ID cards for authorization to different applications. The emergence of IP solutions is changing that, allowing decision-makers to combine a number of tools in an effort to enhance physical security to restricted or sensitive areas, A&S Magazine reported.

As security systems evolve, today's technology-driven society will continue to adopt innovative solutions to boost physical security in hotels, providing a safer and more convenient stay for guests.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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