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Honey, the burglar is on the phone!

Police forces in Iowa sent out a message to homeowners , warning them about a new unusual threat.

It seems that several homeowners in the Des Moines area have recently received a strange phone call inquiring about their alarm system.  They were asked if they had one, and were offered free installations if they didn’t.

Several houses have been broken into after receiving such calls.  In one case the burglars made off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

Apparently, instead of being from a legitimate company, the phone calls were being made by criminals who wanted to gain information about where and how to break into homes.

Reportedly, similar calls have also been made from an alleged window installation company.

Police advice to any who receive such calls is to just say yes.  Tell them you already have an alarm system, or shielded windows, and put the burglars on call waiting.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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