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Home security systems can help protect pets

Pets are just another part of the family in many households. But is your pet safe when you leave the house? There are many things that can harm a pet who is alone, including a burglar, extreme weather condition or general accident. Having a security system in place can provide you with the tools you need to protect your home and your pet.

According to a recent SecurityInfoWatch report, many families look at their dogs as a part of a security system. A strong bark will often keep a thief away and some dogs do well when trained to scare intruders. While thinking of the dog as a form of home security is fairly common, considering the need to protect the dog is often an afterthought. Having a security system in place, particularly one with cameras, can help you take better care of your dog.

Protecting pets with home security systems
To illustrate the impact of a security system on protecting pets, the news source told the story of Washington resident Ro Vinson. As a pet owner, Vinson was worried about how a new puppy and older dogs would deal with her being away for an extended period. She wanted to be sure the puppy did not get into any excess mischief and was concerned about separation anxiety in a couple of the older dogs. To accomplish this, Vinson installed an intelligent security system featuring IP cameras that allow her to watch her dogs remotely to make sure everything is going smoothly.

“Our dogs are definitely important members of the family, so we don’t like leaving them alone, even for short periods of time,” Vinson told SecurityInfoWatch. “Puppy antics can be adorable to watch, but you do worry when you give the dogs free rein of the house when you are away.”

Considering the full benefits of IP cameras
Implementing IP camera solutions for home security offers consumers the ability to protect their home through better visibility. Because such cameras offer web functionality, homeowners can use an online portal to see what is going on at their house. Some security services will also program cameras to send you an alert if something happens at your house, like if a person walks up to the door, a window is opened or a similar activity is performed. You can then turn on the camera application and see what is happening. This added control and visibility can be a major asset in protecting your home and your family.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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