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Home security system catches culprit on tape

In Cypress, Texas, two young men attacked a home with acid bombs, leaving them on the porch where they could damage the property. According to a recent Click2Houston.com report, the culprits were spotted by the home security camera, providing police with the information they need to possibly track down the people involved in the event.

The news source explained that the camera captured a young man run up to the porch, shake a bottle and drop it on the stone surface. The camera then tracked that person running away while a second individual threw another acid bomb at the front door before they both left the scene.

Considering the role of home security systems
Home security systems, particularly cameras, are not just present to protect your home in the event of a break-in or attempted burglary. They also act as a powerful protection tool. Cameras that are visible on the home can scare criminals away because a high-quality device can identify an individual breaking into a home or performing a dangerous prank, like dropping acid bombs on a porch. In such situations, law enforcement officials can use images captured by the camera and search databases to find any pictures that match the person. This tool can help officials identify individuals involved in such an incident.

This type of technology is definitely helpful when it comes to catching somebody who performed a crime. However, its impact on criminals who may attempt a theft is just as significant. When burglars know that their image can be tracked down they are usually more careful not to be caught on camera. As a result, a surveillance system can deter them from targeting a property that they may otherwise try to steal from.

Cameras also allow for more effective response to break-ins and other issues, especially when those devices are connected to the web. IP cameras can be coupled with alert services that notify a homeowner if there is a break-in or similar event. These systems can be set to alert you if a door or window is opened or a similar problem takes place. This allows you to watch video of what happened and call law enforcement officials if necessary.

Home surveillance systems can stop your home from becoming a target and help you respond to any problems effectively. As a result, their value goes well beyond simply catching a burglar or prankster on tape.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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