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Home security should be prioritized for people who live alone

Living alone can present significant risks, especially as many individuals living on their own occupy apartments, condominiums or other structures that support multiple households. A recent release from AlarmSystemReport.com explained that such living circumstances put people at risk because their home can easily be targeted for theft.

The problem with living alone
While many multi-household dwellings have security systems to protect the people living there, those solutions are generally only in place to stop people from getting into the building or premises as a whole, the news source explained. As a result, individuals who get past these defenses, or other residents in the facility, can fairly easily break into an apartment of housing unit that is not properly secured.

While people of certain ages or genders may face a greater threat than others when living alone everybody can become a target just by living on their own, making security systems important, the release explained.

According to the news source, an alarm system is one of the, if not the, most important security solution for people who are living alone. A wireless alarm system can pay major dividends for individuals because they can be installed fairly easy and without having to build infrastructure into walls. This is key for individuals living in apartments or rental homes, giving them the security they need without alterations to the living space that are generally not allowed in rental properties.

A simple way to protect your living space is to avoid labeling any exterior objects, such as a doorbell or mailbox, with a single name. This is especially true for women, the release said, because criminals can recognize a location as being occupied by a person who is alone and target it because they expect less resistance.

A similar strategy is to avoid talking about being alone on social media. People who live alone can make themselves a target if they use social media to declare that they are on their own because potential intruders can take that knowledge and treat it as an opportunity, the news source explained.

Taking advantage of innovative security solutions
With wireless security systems, not just alarms, but also cameras and other tools becoming more widely available, renters have opportunities to protect themselves without breaking their lease. Strategic investment in simple, but effective security solutions can help individuals protect themselves and their possessions.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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