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Home security market gaining momentum

Home security has long been considered an important aspect of the broad security market. However, limitations in technological capabilities have combined with economic realities to make locks and other access control systems among the few viable options for homeowners. Significant growth opportunities are emerging as new technologies gain prominence and become more accessible.

According to a recent SecurityInfo Watch report, the combination of cloud computing, smartphones and pervasive broadband services fueled home security market growth in 2012. These technologies made advanced home surveillance solutions and other sophisticated security platforms much more accessible to consumers, creating an environment in which significant growth potential emerged across the market as a whole.

Considering technology as a path to security
Advanced technological security solutions can play a major role in putting homeowners on the right path toward protecting themselves, their family and their possessions. As a general rule of thumb, the key to successful home security operations is to enable robust protection capabilities without getting in the way of day-to-day operations.

For example, access control solutions, which generally include locks for homes, have to be strong enough to keep intruders out. However, if locking and unlocking requires multiple steps that can take too long, be annoying to complete in inclement weather or are just inconvenient, many people end up taking shortcuts. These lapses in security process completion often contribute to problems down the line, as they make a system vulnerable.

Similarly, lighting timers and other advanced automation solutions offer a meaningful layer of security in the home. If they take an extended period of time to program and are difficult to work with, their benefits will be severely limited. Simplicity is necessary in the home security market because most consumers are not security experts.

Innovative technologies support the type of functionality necessary to provide the ease of use needed to make advanced security platforms work well in the home. Smartphones, for instance, can use applications to link with home automation systems and provide consumers with easy access to everything from locks and lighting to blind controls and even temperature control. As a result, individuals can easily protect their home without having to deal with excess complexity.

Many experts agree that there is significant potential for innovation with cloud computing, smartphones and other advanced technologies gaining prominence in the security sector.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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