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Home security basics for Spring

Each season brings its own security challenges. In winter, you have to worry about locks freezing, annoyances of trying to lock dead-bolts in the snow and keeping enough batteries in your alarm systems to make it through an extended power outage. Like winter, Spring poses a few of its own challenges from a home security perspective. Frequent thunderstorms can lead to fallen limbs that break through doors, windows and walls. You could also end up with vulnerabilities left over from winter weather, such as damages that were not noticed because they were buried under snow.

Another common spring problem stems from the frequent yard and house maintenance performed at the start of the season. Many people leave front, back or garage doors open for convenience while they work. This can lead to security threats as burglars use the opportunity to sneak into homes and complete thefts unnoticed. They can also use the opportunity to notice any vulnerability that may not be clear when doors are kept shut. 

While Spring presents a few clear security problems, a number of solutions can help you deal with them. These include:

Surveillance cameras
A good surveillance camera solution can keep watch over your home and property. If you get a system that includes mobile integration you can have the cameras send you an alert when something unusual happens at your property. For example, if a thunderstorm hits your place of residence while you're at work and a limb breaks your door, the camera system can alert you of the breach so you can take care of the problem before an opportunistic burglar takes advantage of the damage.

Integrated security
Many people will install cameras and alarms, but have them working separately from one another. If you want to handle the wide range of seasonal issues that can emerge in spring, you are often best served by integrating your various security technologies. For example, you can integrate video cameras, intercoms, locks and mobile security apps to get more control over your house and protect against unwanted intruders. This not only protects you against a wide range of threats, both seasonal and normal, but also helps you maximize the value of your home protection efforts.

Different seasons present distinct security risks. You can combat this through holistic security investments that give you multiple levels of protection and guard your household against a wide range of threats.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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