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Home protection 101: Consider safeguarding against stupid criminals

Calling people stupid is generally a harsh treatment, even if they are trying to break into your home. The reality is that most criminals that are labeled as ridiculously dumb are so desperate that they do incredibly stupid things. While you need to protect your home against career burglars and other intelligent criminals that can break locks easily and sneak in unnoticed, you also have to be ready for the desperate thief who may try something extremely unexpected and somewhat ludicrous to get into your home. Having a plan for this type of criminal is key.

Considering desperate criminals
Sometimes desperate criminals will do incredibly stupid things to get what they want. Such an instance occurred recently in Seattle, where somebody attempted to break into a store by repeatedly throwing a boulder at the glass facade that made up the front of the building, Eater Seattle reported.

The store, which was a wine and spirits retailer, was not breached, but the event shows just how far into the realm of weird stupidity some people will go to break into a store or home. David LeClaire of Wine World told the news source that he first heard of the event when he received a call from an accountant working in the store.

"At 10 am [the store's accountant] heard this big booming noise from the front of the store," LeClaire told Eater Seattle. "The whole thing was freaking her out. She walks out and is scared because a crazy man is out there trying to break in with a boulder. The entire front of our store is glass, and he was throwing it over and over and it wouldn't break … Meanwhile, across the street, these people were standing there drinking their coffee, filming him with their iPhones and then called the police."

Protect against unusual threats
Chances are that your home does not have commercial glass in its doors or windows to prevent this type of unusual crime from happening. While this sort of theft attempt may not seem common, there are many ways to break into a house that appears empty could tempt somebody to try something extreme, like throwing a rock through a window. Security cameras can protect against this kind of threat. Cameras that include alerts when somebody opens a door or goes through a window can notify you through a smartphone or computer application or if your home has been breached, allowing you to call police and deal with the threat.

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