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Home automation set for strong 2013, creating potential in home security market

Home automation and advanced home security systems are closely aligned. As a result, the expected rise of the home automation market in 2013 could have a positive impact on the security sector. A recent FierceTelecom report explained that many factors are pointing toward a strong year in home automation, as a variety of studies indicate that this could be the year when the technology experiences more widespread use.

Citing ABI Research, the news source explained that home automation will experience considerable growth in the next few years as solutions become much more popular. Industry expert Matt Eyring told FierceTelecom that new standards across the industry are contributing to market expansion, but emerging pricing models could have the greatest impact on the home automation industry.

Eyring explained that subscription models are putting home automation in the reach of consumers because subscriptions eliminate the initial installation costs that make it so difficult to afford new home automation solutions, the report said.

Home automation and home security systems are closely linked because automation solutions give consumers more control over their houses. These capabilities can be integrated into a home security platform to provide individuals with better functionality in a variety of areas.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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