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Home automation makes security accessible

Advanced home security capabilities used to require a major investment that was out of the reach of many consumers. Home automation technology is changing this, making sophisticated and convenient security solutions available to many homeowners.

Home network functionality is increasingas broadband servicesarebecoming pervasive and more homes being built with advanced cabling systems. The rise of Wi-Fi​is also contributing to the increase in home network capabilities. In turn, it is much easier to install home automation and security solutions. Furthermore, smart appliances, IP cameras, electronic locks and similar solutions are easier to obtain because the various supporting components are more common.

For example, installing an electronic lock often requires a dedicated solution that allows homeowners to open it. In the past, this meant investing in a specialty solution. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, individuals only have to download a free application.

Moving forward, the rise of smart appliances, mobile devices and consumer broadband services could combine to make powerful and convenient home security solutions much more accessible. This is especially evident as many reports from the recent Consumer Electronics Show have noted thatthe prominence of smart appliances that are interoperable with mobile devices is a major part of the event.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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