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Holistic planning key for home protection

Developing a good home security system can be a challenge. On one hand, you want to have a setup that is good enough to keep anybody out and protect you and your family if somebody does break in. You also want to be able to identify anybody who threatens your home while you, or your family, are away. However, all of these preparations can also make you a target. A camera system and clearly visible security setups can make burglars identify your home as a target. If you don't have any visible elements of a security system, your home may be targeted because it appears as if it is not protected. Finding balance is key, and having a holistic security plan in place is key to enabling this balance.

Professional burglars will often only target a home when they think the homeowner has something stored there that is worth getting to. As a result, a burglar may keep an eye on things like a major safe installation, visible camera deployments and similar strategies can be a red flag in such situation. However, many home invasions happen because a person is desperate or willing to attack another individual in the heat of emotion. A visible security setup can act as a deterrent in such situations. Balancing various security technologies can give you the protection you need to avoid becoming a target, but also keep a desperate person from harming you or your family.

Using technology for holistic security
There are a few key technological solutions that can provide meaningful protection without attracting unwanted attention. One is a video intercom service. Is somebody wants to get into your home and you aren't sure who they are, a video intercom can give you exactly what you need to identify an individual and make sure you don't let anybody into your home that you don't want there. A high-quality, reinforced lock can also come in handy. While mechanical locks are by no means a state-of-the-art solution, advanced locks can integrate with mobile devices and provide robust protection. When they are reinforced they can be more resistant to force, preventing somebody from breaking your door down. Neither of these solutions will garner much, if any attention from professional criminals, but both can do a lot to stop other types of intruders.

The fact that some security systems can draw attention is not an indication that you should avoid those technologies entirely. For example, a good security camera system will rarely stand out to such an extent that it makes your home a target. Avoid going way over the top because that can draw some unwanted notice. However, cameras can provide adequate protection, help you identify intruders and be a conservative enough solution that you won't have to worry about criminals showing up on your doorstep just because you installed the new camera.

Mobile-device-based solutions can also give you the holistic protection you need without becoming a target. Advanced locks, alarm systems, cameras and other devices can allow you to control various aspects of your home remotely. This can even include home automation solutions that enable you to open and close blinds, adjust lights and perform other operations to make your home look lived in even if nobody is home. These kinds of solutions can provide protection in a subtle way, enabling you to protect your home sufficiently without taking on risk.

As technological advances continue to emerge in the home security industry, consumers have more options for protecting their home without drawing attention as possible targets.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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