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Hark! The end of days approaches!

The Mayan calendar is quickly approaching its end and making all the crazies come out of their bomb shelter-modified basements for one last gasp of air before, well, whatever happens.

When Y2K loomed over the shoulders of the world, people panicked. It was the end of the stock market; the demise of the financial industry; the close of the technological world as a whole. Lo and behold, nothing malicious happened and here we are today, preparing for yet another apocalypse. That doesn't mean nothing will happen on 12/21/2012. I mean, the Mayans said the world would end and they were pretty skilled in math and other areas.

If there is a world on December 22, who knows what will be different. Maybe all those Bible stories about Hell filling up and forcing the dead to walk the Earth will come true. If that's the case, you should get your shit together now before it's too late. After all, preparation is key to surviving the zombie holocaust.

Get what you can while you can
While building an armory should definitely be on the list of things to do when preparing for the rise of the undead, many people underestimate the importance of building a general supplies closet. If a steady stream of fresh water is not readily available, individuals should begin stocking up on water bottles. When the civilized world ends, a person's demise could come at the hands of dehydration.

Second to water, homeowners should get non-perishable foods and other basic supplies that will help ensure a family's longevity. When the zombie horde destroys anything and everything related to commerce, going to the store to buy groceries will no longer be an option. People need to stock up on supplies when they can, as the day after the world ends may be a much more dangerous place.

Build security into the equation
While the undead might be immune to pain, we, as a people, are not. For this reason, among countless others, fortifying a home should be a top priority, second only to supplies. Although electricity will eventually fade out, individuals should take advantage of it before it's gone. By installing advanced surveillance cameras and intercom systems, homeowners can mitigate risk when the world is on the brink of collapse.

As seen in virtually every oh-my-gosh-the-world-is-ending movie, there is always a breakdown of everything civilized and riots occur. In other words, people go a little insane and won't hesitate cutting of your arm off for a fresh piece of bread. By planning ahead and deploying an advanced integrated security system, homeowners can be sure their property remains free of the wandering loonies looking for more than a cup of sugar.

While a stone fortress surrounded by a moat filled with saltwater crocodiles may be an ideal home defense strategy, individuals have to work with what few resources they have, and even these will dwindle in the wake of an alien, man-made or Heavenly apocalypse. If individuals happen to survive the initial civil uproar, survival will only be ensured if the proper precautions are taken.

With the world potentially approaching an imminent demise, people should build a checklist. Begin with the basic necessary resources, like food and water, and build your way up to more sophisticated and protective things, like an access control system and medieval battle axes.

As the Mayan calendar comes to a close, preparation will be crucial to guaranteeing life in the face of a zombie outbreak or breakdown of everything civilized.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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