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Google Nest Partnership with Latch Brings Smart Thermostats to Multifamily Buildings

Latch Partners with Google Nest to Bring Thermostats to Multifamily

excerpt from the press release titled Latch Partners with Google Nest to Bring Thermostats to Multifamily

Latch Partners with Google Nest

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Latch is announcing a new partnership with market leader Google Nest to bring efficiency, security and design to smart apartment solutions. Nest thermostats are now available to Latch customers through the Works with Latch partner program, enabling multifamily owners and operators to integrate every smart device into one platform for a harmonious, full-building experience.

With the partnership, Latch and Google Nest are working together to deliver the most practical and secure multifamily fleet management solution for property owners and integrators to attract new residents and streamline operations.

By partnering with Latch, an established building management system provider, Google Nest enables multifamily owners to more easily manage their Google Nest devices. Using LatchOS, a full-building operating system unveiled last month, building operators can oversee every Nest thermostat in vacant residences and common areas, all in one place.

For residents, LatchOS facilitates new time-saving conveniences, from remotely controlling every smart device to enabling unattended and secure package delivery—while also acting as the single credential to unlock every door. For building operators, LatchOS delivers consolidated enterprise device management and customized solutions specific to their building to increase operational efficiency and cost savings.

“We’re excited to partner with influential technology leader Google Nest because we share similar principles when it comes to product design and experience,” said Latch Co-Founder and CEO Luke Schoenfelder. “We are thrilled to bring together Nest’s iconic thermostats with our own modern access products and intuitive software for multifamily—providing premium and distinguished devices and benefits that delight both residents and building operators.”

Google Nest is known for designing products that build a more helpful home. From added peace of mind to increased energy savings, Google Nest offers people a wide range of devices that make their homes smarter, safer, and more efficient. Their product suite includes everything from smart displays and cameras to speakers and thermostats to streamline consumers’ lives. This partnership will give building owners the option to easily install and control these devices in common areas and vacant apartment units to create a more helpful living experience.

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About Latch

Latch is reimagining the modern buildings of today and driving evolution for the cities of tomorrow. Latch delivers a building-wide system designed to help owners, residents and third parties (e.g. guests, couriers, service providers) seamlessly experience the modern building through integrated hardware, software and services.

More than 1 in 10 new apartments in the U.S. are being built with Latch products, with multifamily buildings in 36 states featuring Latch solutions and supporting more than two million unlocks per month.

Paragon is New York City’s Preferred Latch Provider

Paragon Security and Locksmith is the preferred provider for Latch building-wide system solutions in New York City. Call 212-365-6897 or click here to schedule a complimentary demonstration of LatchOS and Google Nest in action.

Paragon’s team of Latch integration experts work with real estate owners, developers and management companies on building wide solutions, as well as individuals to integrate Latch solutions on Townhouse or Apartments doors for the owner or tenants. Click here to see Paragon’s latest Latch projects.

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