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Free Keyless Access System For 1000 NYC Residential Buildings

Latch NYC Offer

A New Way Of Thinking

In traditional access systems, buildings were forced to install entire closets of equipment, cables, internet modem, and a multitude of card readers to complete a functional system. Latch changes all of this by designing a cloud-based stand-alone proximity reader with a built-in camera, Latch R. This new way of thinking allows any building, new or old, to have the benefits of smart access at a price point that works for every project.

Now, more than 100,000 residents of 1,000 buildings in New York City will be able to take advantage of the Latch residential “R” system, which pulls together a reader, door controller, and management system.

Latch How it works

For A Limited Time

Jet.com and Latch have teamed up to offer NYC-based, non-doorman apartment buildings, FREE and FULL ACCESS to Latch’s residential “R” system for the exterior door of their building, at absolutely no cost to building owners (for those who qualify). To check eligibility or for more information on receiving a Free Latch R system for your building contact Cindy at (212) 620-9000 .

Latch R series

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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