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From Front Entry to Smart Apartments, Latch Makes Buildings Safer to Live, Work and Visit

What began for Latch in 2014, as a mission to provide flexible door access for apartment buildings has quickly evolved into a complete, customizable smart-building ecosystem. From front entry to smart apartments, Latch’s full-building operating system manages the things that matter most, bringing to life a complete, connected, smart-building experience – making buildings safer to live, work and visit.

In traditional access systems, buildings were forced to install entire closets of equipment, cables, internet modem, and a multitude of card readers to complete a functional system. By combining purpose-built hardware, software, and services into an integrated solution, the team of former Apple employees designed a set of products to solve the access challenges facing building owners, residents, and service providers. This new way of thinking allows any building, new or old, to have the benefits of smart access at a price point that works for every project.

Trusted by the Best

To enable their rapid adoption, Latch partnered directly with building developers and operators to bring smart access to both their new buildings and also retrofit existing portfolios. Now available across the United States, many of the world’s leading real estate developers are choosing Latch, including Brookfield, Prometheus, Related, RXR, Toll Brothers, and Alliance Residential.

Expertly integrated and installed by authorized partners like Paragon Security, 1 in 10 new apartments in the US today are being built with Latch. Paragon’s team of Latch integration experts work with real estate owners, developers and management companies on building wide solutions, as well as individuals to integrate Latch solutions on Townhouse or Apartments doors for the owner or tenants. Click here to see Paragon’s latest Latch projects.

Welcome to LatchOS. Latch integrates hardware, software, and services to make buildings better for everyone.
The latest evolution, LatchOS is the first multifamily operating system that brings together all the elements that make up the modern building for building managers, vendors, and residents.With the launch of LatchOS, the company is getting even deeper into the buildings, giving users the ability to manage more than just the door but integrate the app with other devices in a building. These integrations include Sonos speakers, Honeywell and ecobee thermostats and Jaso and Leviton light switches, all from their Latch app.


Integrated Hardware, Software & Services

Latch’s integrated hardware, software, and services makes buildings better for everyone. Latch’s integrated hardware, software, and services makes buildings better for everyone. With six distinct solutions—including smart access, flexible connectivity, visitor and delivery management, smart apartment devices, video security, and workflow management—LatchOS is a next-generation software solution that powers a broad ecosystem of smart building devices and services. LatchOS was designed to ensure that residents, building operators, and service providers all have a seamless experience using Latch products and working with category-leading device and service partners. LatchOS scales to meet the needs of every user in every type of building. Whether accessed through the Latch App or Latch Manager, the entire LatchOS ecosystem is never more than a click or swipe away.


Latch | Residents can open any door, share access, and control smart home devices all from one place.
For residents, at a time when contactless controls are more important than ever, LatchOS delivers the simplest way to unlock every door at their building, manage who has access to their space, and share access with friends, family, and a host of new contactless Latch-enabled services. By providing each resident with an app on their iOS or Android smartphone, a personal doorcode that they can enter on the Latch device’s built in touchscreen, or with a smart NFC keycard, the resident can confidently eliminate keys from their life and gain a host of other benefits. By controlling automatic doors, building entries, and elevators, LatchOS creates the infrastructure needed to safely move about any building.

Building Managers

Unlock anything, from anywhere, for anyone.

For building operators, LatchOS delivers consolidated enterprise device management, added privacy and security oversight, and customized solutions specific to the needs of the building. Through smart technology, it eliminates the friction caused by key handoffs during the leasing process, the need to schedule maintenance activities when a resident is home, the inevitable hassle of opening doors when residents are locked out, the need to mechanically rekey locks when residents move, and the uncertainty about staff activities at buildings. LatchOS even integrates with property management software like RealPage through automated syncs to increase ease and efficiency and save time, money, and headaches.

Service Providers

Latch’s integrated hardware, software, and services makes buildings better for everyone.

For service providers, LatchOS opens up an entire new set of efficiency gains and possibilities for partners across sectors and geographies. Service providers can easily get in anytime, even when no one’s home. After launching the world’s first unattended deliveries in the Fall of 2017 with Walmart, Latch added UPS and other national carriers in 2018, proving double digit efficiency gains to buildings where Latch is installed. With new buildings coming online every day, the value for service providers is just beginning.

Latch Hardware

Latch Making Buildings better places to live, work, visit
Latch designed access devices for every door in the building, and now also offers a complete range of works with Latch smart home devices.

Latch Software

For both residents and property managers, our single software system allows them to monitor and manage all their devices, from locks to lights to leak detectors.
For both residents and property managers, LatchOS single software system allows monitoring and management from all devices, from locks to lights to leak detectors.

About Latch

Latch is reimagining the modern buildings of today and driving evolution for the cities of tomorrow. Latch delivers a building-wide system designed to help owners, residents and third parties (e.g. guests, couriers, service providers) seamlessly experience the modern building through integrated hardware, software and services. More than 1 in 10 new apartments in the U.S. are being built with Latch products, with multifamily buildings in 36 states featuring Latch solutions and supporting more than two million unlocks per month.

Paragon Security and Locksmith is the preferred provider for Latch lock solutions in New York City. Contact us for complimentary demonstration of the Latch Smart Access System in action.

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