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The Impact of Electronic Access

digital access

Electronic, programmable locks can offer superior protection without forcing users to sacrifice convenience. As a result, many people benefit substantially from electronic locks because such systems make it easier for them to protect their assets without creating the risk of security shortcuts being taken. This technology is applicable in a wide range of settings as well, not just in large apartment buildings or businesses.

Secure College Campuses
Having students memorize codes for doors or carry a bunch of keys can work in some small colleges or universities, but these solutions can create major problems when students tell all of their friends, including those who do not attend the academic institution, the codes to their door. For example, a man from one college may tell his girlfriend from a nearby campus the code for the dorm so she can get into the facility easily at any time. This may work well while they are together, but what if there is a nasty breakup and the girlfriend decides to get revenge? This could lead to a major security problem.

Electronic locks allow students to carry around a single keycard or fob to get into any door on campus that they are authorized to enter, alleviating security concerns while adding a key layer of simplicity and safety.

Secure Home Living 
For many homeowners, the process of leaving the house and standing outside the door locking the dead-bolt can be really annoying. Especially as temperatures drop in winter or inclement weather leaves rain, snow or sleet pounding down on an uncovered entry area. An electronic lock can integrate with mobile devices, allowing users to lock the dead bolt without having to stand by the door to do so. This eliminates the common shortcut of skipping the dead-bolt and hoping nobody tries to break in.

Furthermore, an electronic lock system can pay off in homes with outbuildings, such as sheds, detached garages and exercise areas. Having a single electronic lock system for the entire property can make it easier to move around without having to carry around a bunch of keys.

For many people, electronic locks may seem too complex to be workable in their situation. However, increasingly accessible mobile device and programmable lock solutions are making the technology a viable option in a wide range of settings. As a result, many people can find electronic lock solutions that fit their needs and their budget.

Commitment To Creating A Better Living And Learning Environment

Children deserve to be safe at home AND at school. Our Goal is to improve our business and increase our efficiency and profitability while keeping our commitment to help in the creation of a better living and learning environment in our world. Call 1 (888) 688-9771 to request a Free no-obligation consultation with a security expert to discuss safe-guarding your residential home or commercial building.

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