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Drone Debate: Should NYPD use Surveillance drones over the city?

NYPD has been using surveillance cameras in different parts of New York City in order to keep it safe.  With rising fears of terrorist activities, the NYPD is constantly updating its security arsenal.  Some potential technologies are causing much debate.  Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that have the capacity to shoot live video or missiles.  They are commonly used in war zones for surveillance purposes or military strikes, but now it seems they are the next step in NYPD’s civilian security plan.

The high end cameras found on drones are capable of capturing every detail, including faces, license plates, etc.  While police claim that incorporating drones is an act that “makes sense”, given the threats, many fear that drones will pose a greater threat to civilian privacy.

Former NYPD officer Gary Weksler claims that “Not only would it be a form of intelligence-gathering to protect the public, it also in many respects removes the officers, who might be attempting to identify issues, from harm’s way”.

But many individuals and organizations protest against the use of drones.  The American Civil Liberties Union recently issued a 16-page document reporting the lack of laws protecting citizens from airborne intrusions.

With NYPD’s relentless use of emerging technologies, experts expect drone surveillance to be put into use in the near future on the streets of New York.

Source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/01/23/is-the-nypd-experimenting-with-drones-over-the-city-evidence-points-to-yes/

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