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DIY security systems can present challenges

Implementing a do-it-yourself security solution can make home protection much more accessible. However, there are also plenty of things that can catch you off guard and surprise you when you are completing this process. If you want to make the most of a DIY security project, make sure you are ready to handle the difficulties that could come your way.

Preparing for a DIY project is essential because there are many difficulties associated with home security installation, a recent release from Alarm System Report explained.

Things to consider when using a DIY system
Cabling can be a major issue if you are trying to install your own security and alarm solution. For the most part, an alarm system that you can install at home will connect to the internet through a wireless system, the news source said. However, many will still use traditional power outlets as part of their setup. While making sure you install your alarm setup close to a plug probably isn't too hard for you, it is worth noting that some actually have to connect directly into the electric circuitry, creating a challenge that may be beyond your reach.

You also have to pay attention to how the hardware you are installing will work with the monitoring service you plan to use. Let's face it, not all monitoring and support solutions are created equally, and while some manufacturers design their alarm systems to be interoperable with a variety of monitoring systems, many do not. The report explained that getting the greatest value from your DIY project depends on being able to align the hardware you choose with the monitoring and alert solution you want to use.

Monitoring isn't the only issue that should have you thinking about what solution provider you are working with. According to the news source, there are some system creators that will actually provide over-the-phone technical support and customer service to help you with installation. This can be incredibly valuable, especially if you are not particularly confident about your ability to install the solution properly. However, you don't want to get caught buying a complex security setup only to have the company that sold it to you offer no support to help you get it working.

Is DIY worth it?
Installing your own security system can make sense in many ways, and many people are doing it. Steve Ordona, head of public relations for Alarm System Report explained that DIY is a hot trend in the industry.

"Do it yourself is really the new, hot trend in home security and alarm systems right now," said Ordona. "Certainly, there are still people who prefer to pay for a professional installation, but new wireless alarm systems are making it easier and cheaper than ever for consumers to set up a comprehensive alarm system in an hour or two. It's really amazing how far the technology has gone."

While DIY security systems are more accessible than ever, they aren't the answer for everybody, especially if you have cameras and other solutions that you want to complement your alarm. In the end, what most people want from a security solution is confidence that they are safe. As a result, getting professional help can go a long way in providing the confidence needed. Furthermore, professionally installed systems often include features that improve performance and functionality compared to often limited DIY platforms. As a result, you may be best off looking at DIY as a good option if you would not be able to afford a security setup unless you install it yourself. If you have the funds to get some help, taking advantage of professional installation is worth it.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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