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DIY monitored alarm solutions give homeowners peace of mind

While there are a lot of residences with complex and integrated security systems that tie together multiple alarm solutions, many homeowners don't want to pay an additional fee for a trusted third party to monitor its appliances. As a result, many home security systems are not as effective as they could be at deterring crime.

Advancements in the security industry, however, may make it easier for homeowners to ensure their defensive tools are working properly. A new solution from PhantomLink, for example, gives decision-makers the opportunity to leverage a do-it-yourself monitoring appliance that allows individuals to remotely check up on their home security systems.

The monitoring appliance lets homeowners observe their home's video surveillance system and other general alarm systems via web, email and text messages. The device automatically sends status updates on virtually any type of security solution, giving consumers peace of mind that their protective tools are effectively keeping intruders out.

According to a separate report by Global Industry Analysts, this solution and similar products will contribute to the growing monitored alarm system market, which is forecast to generate more than $43 billion in revenue by 2015.

By deploying innovative monitoring solutions, homeowners can be sure security systems are doing their job.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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