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DECT systems can now avoid interference

Intercom systems, microphones and other audio technologies are constantly improving. Developments by Cambridge Consultants, for example, now enable digital-enhanced cordless telecommunications to emit high-quality audio without interference from other wireless solutions.

By using international license-free radio bands, the technology has the ability to bounce between frequencies if feedback is encountered. Similar solutions have been used in intercom systems throughout the world, especially in small areas like offices and school buildings. Advancements in the field, however, now allow tools to transmit high-quality audio even in large enclosed spaces, like stadiums, that usually have large amounts of interference and reverberation.

“The DECT standard includes seamless cell handover functionality as a mandatory feature, so all DECT chips can do it,” Cambridge Consultants system architect Tim Whittaker said. “This means that a radio microphone, intercom or distribution system can be provided with multiple base stations and automatically connect to the one offering the best performance.”

IMS Research noted that North American DECT shipments will reach 6.8 million units in 2015. By leveraging next-generation DECT solutions that avoid interference, intercom systems and other technologies can be effective in more markets.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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