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Consumer Use of Biometric Technology

In this day and age, biometrics are becoming integrated into more aspects of daily life, and play a significant role in businesses, homes, and even schools. For example, schools use biometric access control to ensure that certain persons who aren’t students or teachers verify their identity with biometrics to gain access to the school grounds. Access control is especially important for data centers which house sensitive data, as well as for hospital operating rooms where facial recognition safely ensures that physicians can enter and proceed to surgery without having to touch anything and risk infecting the patient. If you’re the owner of a retail department, distribution center or warehouse, it is also crucial to set up biometric access systems to baler rooms to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering and putting them at risk for injury. Biometric devices can also function as attendance clocks, replacing the need to swipe cards.  By merely touching or looking at the access control device, employees can easlily check in and check out of their work place.

Some of the best commercial security systems and biometric reader systems in the industry are supplied by EnterTech Systems and Suprema. Their state-of-the-art products can be applied to any professional or home setting, and can integrate with smartphones for easy mobility. Paragon Security NY offers EnterTech and Suprema products and will install them in your home or business.

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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