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Connecting to a Smarter Life with an ABB Intercom Upgrade

ABB Intercom

Connecting to a smarter life is essential these days, especially when it comes to access control and multi-residential buildings. To keep pace with modern technology and remain secure, old analog wired systems are being replaced with systems with smart app functionality and features. At Paragon, we’re seeing a high demand to replace ABB monitors to ones with a smart app functionality to the existing ABB intercom.

ABB-Welcome app allows the tenant to see and hear who is at the front door and unlock the door if needed using any iOS/Android enabled device.

To enable a smart app feature the apartment answering monitor must be replaced. The new monitor will be paired with the apartment Wi-Fi and will forward the call from the building’s entry intercom station to any iOS/Android enabled device. Click here to see the full specs.

ABB Welcome®

ABB is a Swiss-German pioneering technology leader that works closely with utility, industry, transport and infrastructure customers in roughly 100 countries. With more than four decades at the forefront of digital technologies, ABB is a leader in digitally connected and enabled industrial equipment and systems with an installed base of more than 70,000 control systems connecting 70 million devices. A few years ago, ABB’s engineers had the insight that most other manufacturers in the industry neglected to address: The biggest issue with retrofit installations is the wiring. Their answer, ABB Welcome®, revolutionized the U.S. market for intercom systems.

The ABB Welcome® door entry system offers a single, flexible solution for any intercom and door entry security application. The modular system of indoor and outdoor intercom stations, can be mixed and matched to a wide range of needs, from basic intercom communication to advanced access controls.

Benefits of the ABB Door Entry Intercom System

ABB’s door entry system offers many benefits to New York building owners, property managers, residents and businesses:

  • Affordable solution for upgrading old analog wired intercom systems
  • Two wire technology for audio and video means improved stability and reduced costs
  • Modern styling provides comprehensive comfort, greater security and elegant design
  • Modular outdoor/indoor stations mean max flexibility and simple customization
  • Ideal for retrofit projects and modernization of all types of real estate

ABB Intercom Features

ABB systems offer an extensive range of features for improved security and facilitate round the clock surveillance:

  • Seamlessly integrates already existing analog camera systems
  • Indoor stations have intuitive, user-friendly interfaces with large buttons, clear symbols and backlight
  • Mobile app for calls over smartphones and tablets
  • Remote and local viewing of multiple entry points
  • Elevator call up and Keyless entry

ABB Door Entry Access Control

ABB Welcome® offers an extensive range of access control features for improved building security and management in commercial, residential buildings like condominiums, high rises, and apartment complexes:

  • Guard unit for building security stations
  • Card reader (ID and IC card) reader display modules
  • NFC readers modules
  • Lift (elevator) control
  • Tamper-proof outdoor stations

ABB Welcome® is customizable and modular, and most importantly – affordable!
ABB intercom systems

To schedule a survey of your building and free estimate for your new ABB Welcome® intercom system click here or call 646-604-9026.

Paragon is the leading New York security provider specializing in customized intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, offices and more. Headquartered in Manhattan, we serve customers for ABB product installation and repair all across NYC including in the West Village, Financial District, Upper West Side, Harlem, Midtown East, Union Square, Tribeca, Gramercy, Upper East Side, Chinatown, and beyond. Paragon’s ABB intercom installation and repair services are also available in other areas of New York including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

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