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Connecticut committee calls for camera connectivity

While surveillance cameras have been an important defense technology for decades, recent developments empowered them even more. Improved internet connection speeds and the ability to transmit and store data digitally have resulted in a new status quo where cameras are more effective working together than separately.

New wireless network

According to the New Haven Register, the aldermen of New Haven, Connecticut, have seen the benefits of linking their cameras and plan to invest in a wireless network between the surveillance setups at three of the areas ports, New Haven, Bridgeport and New London. The plan is attractive to planners as it is meant to connect areas that are already under watch rather than launch an entirely new project.

The Register reported that the new connections will ensure officials in all three port towns will have the ability to work with the others to keep their facilities safe from intruders. According to the source, there is already a video sharing network in place within New Haven. The proposed connections would simply expand the network into new regions. The system boasts security features and access to it will be closely controlled to avoid abuse.

"I think it’s great with the sharing of resources, sharing of data," said Alderman Alphonse Paolillo, according to the source. "I think, at the end of the day, this is positive news."

The news provider specified that the new system would unite many agencies to make sure the ports remain safe. In addition to the municipal police departments of the three cities involved, the data will be available to the U.S. Coast Guard. With one unified platform in place to control data from all the cameras, organizations can come together and work in groups.

Municipal cameras

Important locations such as ports can take advantage of camera installations to stay safe. According to the Staten Island Advance, officials in Staten Island, New York, have recently discovered their value in local train stations. The source reported that a train line intended to have cameras at every stop currently sports them at only one site.

That single surveillance installation, however, has been sufficient to help solve two crimes. Police told the source that the cameras led to the identification of a robber in 2008 and a mugger in early July. When the July suspect saw his own picture in the news media, he turned himseld in to police without a fight, with the cameras doing nearly all of the work bringing him to justice.

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