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Common security mistakes can make your home a target

Investing in a home security solution is important for many types of businesses. However, homeowners often make simple mistakes that make their homes a natural target for criminals. According to a recent OKCFox report, there are many basic security practices that consumers do not take into account when developing their security plans.

Keeping basic practices in mind when securing your home
Advanced security systems can play a major role in protecting homes. Despite the value of such systems, some minor oversights can make a home vulnerable because many burglars will use such simple strategies to break into homes that some homeowners do not prepare for them. Industry expert Bob Walker told the news source that basic methods of illegally entering a home present a major threat.

“At the end of the day [the problem] is either people being over confident or misinformed,” Walker told OKCFox. “The most surprising thing to me is just the straight ahead attack.  They will kick in the front door or back door in the broad daylight.”

Walker added that many consumers expect to be threatened by criminals using glass cutters or lock picks to get into a home, but such methods are actually fairly rare. He told the news source that most adults can easily kick in a door and the method is extremely common. Gaining entry to a home is especially easy for homeowners using picture windows or having large windows in back doors, as the glass provides an easy material to break through so somebody can reach in and unlock the door.

Many people believe that locking their door may protect them, but do not understand the full importance of cameras or other solutions that will identify if a burglar breaks down their door. Walker also told the news source that some people get overconfident about having a dog and think that will protect them and do not do enough to safeguard their home.

Understanding the convenience of home security
While many people know they need to protect their homes, it is common for individuals to not want to deal with a difficult-to-use security platform. The rise of mobile device use in the home security sector is making integrated security solutions much easier to use and giving homeowners accessibility along with protection. As a result, it can be much easier for households to invest in layered security platforms that provide multiple levels of protection.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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