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Colleges using NFC access control to boost security, operations

Universities and other higher educational facilities need to have robust security technologies if administrators want to keep students, faculty and staff members safe. For this reason, many decision-makers are installing intuitive access control systems throughout campuses in places where only authorized individuals are permitted.

The University of San Francisco and Villanova University near Philadelphia, for example, have both implemented access control systems that rely on near-field communications, according to a report by CR80 News. By integrating NFC technologies into student smartphones and other handheld gadgets, individuals can use their personal devices to grant them access to dormitories and other restricted areas on campus.

"NFC is the wave of the future. Students need their smart card and their smartphone to get through the day. Why not make them the same?" said Jason Rossi, director of One Card and Campus Security Systems at the University of San Francisco, according to the news source. "Our students are very tech savvy, so we knew this would be right up their alley."

How NFC access control enhances operations
By leveraging NFC technologies, schools often have the ability to reduce expenses, while simultaneously enhancing physical security, CR80 News noted. This is because electronic access control locks are much more robust than traditional lock-and-key mechanisms, meaning individuals will be more safe.

"It increases security by acting as a de facto tool for secure access and transactions. It improves service because students enjoy the convenience of using their phones instead of their cards," Rossi said, according to the news source. "And we project it will reduce costs by reducing the number of lost cards, meaning we won't have to carry as extensive an inventory of replacement smart cards."

The use of access control systems in university settings also enhances the protection of sensitive assets after normal operating hours. When implemented into an integrated security system complete with surveillance cameras and other technologies, access control can be a major inhibitor to petty crimes, such as larceny and vandalism.

By leveraging access control systems and other physical security solutions, administrators can provide a safer learning environment for students, faculty and staff members, which is one of the most basic functions that all higher educational facilities strive to achieve.

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Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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