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Coca Cola Ad Embraces Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is most often associated with negative events. After all, security cameras are meant to prevent thefts, assaults and other crimes, or assist in capturing their perpetrator.
In its new ad, The Coca Cola Company tried to put a twist to this outlook by assembling a collection of feel-good footage caught on cam.

The ad aims to restore faith in humanity by displaying the abundance of happy events captured randomly by cams. The footage includes people stealing kisses, or surprising friends with a hug, doing good deeds and helping strangers.

YouTube viewers of the ad seem to be divided in response to the ad. The online comments suggest that some viewers were touches by the ad’s heart-warming message, while others criticize Coca Cola for seemingly embracing video surveillance and presenting it as a ‘warm and fuzzy’ phenomenon, accepting its breach of civilian privacy

Emergency Service

Call 24/7 212.845.9119

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